Every day is an opportunity for change

There’s a real heaviness in the air lately. A lot of things seem to be going wrong. Life is more unpredictable than ever. The Mercury retrograde is working it’s magic, whether you happen to believe in all that stuff or not.


Something huge I have learned is that you can always turn your misery into opportunity. Imagine you could relieve yourself of some of the things that haunt you and keep you up at night? That you could let go of some of the negativity and guilt in your life? Purge the toxicity and start afresh?

Now is the perfect time to try to heal negative relationships and repair damage. If there are things you feel guilty about, now is the time to reach out and try to make amends. It does not mean that you will be forgiven or that the other person will react well, or that you were even in the wrong. But it means that you are freeing yourself and others of negativity. This is what holds us back and makes us doubt ourselves. Be brave, and reach out. It might seem stupid or pointless, it might not go down as you had hoped, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. I’ve started to use my negative experience to understand others. And when I have been treated poorly, instead of holding resentment I try to remember those who I have treated poorly and take this opportunity to apologise.

You have nothing to lose. Maybe you will finally give someone the closure they need and have been waiting for. Or maybe they will be pleasantly surprised and you will realise that much of the guilt you have carried has been unwarranted. Either way, most people will not react badly to an apology. And better still, you will walk away feeling lighter.

It’s also a good time to make some decisions regarding your own happiness. What makes you happy and what no longer serves you?

Keep safe during this confusing and emotional time. You are not alone and there is always someone watching over you. You are loved and if you need guidance, you may only ask for it. Trust in yourself and the universe and believe that positive thoughts will manifest positive outcomes.


Lots of love ❤❤❤