Narcissism and the Digital Age

** Found this draft I had written a year ago and failed to finish or post post. Stopped writing completely because I was worried my writing might be bothering people. (I mean you’d have to actually read it to be bothered by it.) How Ridiculous! So here’s a series of vague disjointed bullet points I had written down as ideas/thoughts. Will be elaborated on.

  • Social Media- based around validation and approval
  • Nothing is sacred- conversations, pictures. Everything is screenshotted or made public. Every relationship flaunted online.
  • I’ve been told it looks “suspicious” that I’m not on social media. That I’m “hiding” something. To be quite frank I’m not hiding anything, least of all my disdain for the mentality of “if you didn’t post it online, did it really happen?”. Maybe I am actually capable of having fun without making sure the world is aware of it.
  • Too many people in your life. Too many spectators. How many of these people are genuine friends? Also enemies/exes/people who dislike you keeping tabs on you for their own entertainment or curiosity.
  • Nothing is left up to fate. There’s an app for everything. Dating, cooking. Some apps even give other app users your location. Stalking is no longer a crime. It’s far too easy and acceptable these days. Everyone is accessible.
  • Rose-tinted glasses.
  • Constant connectivity and reminders of past. Natural part of life is letting go of certain connections and moving on.
  • When you sever your social media/ digital connections you may as well be declaring yourself a recluse. If it’s not convenient to get in touch with you, people will forget about you.
  • Damaging socially and spiritually. People just don’t make the effort to meet up anymore. Or at least not to do anything that can’t be exploited on various forms of social media to show everyone how fun you are.
  • Lack of authenticity. Everyone is a “brand”. Self-promotion. Adapting your words to appeal to a wider audience. Contrived, strategic, projecting desired image.
  • Showing up to events you are not in the mood for. (not sure what I meant by this)
  • Excessive online communication.
  • More often that not, people’s personal power is not being used for the greater good. People with strong ability to influence others did not earn this position and do not do so responsibly. Usually just used for selfish and superficial means. Rarely see influence and popularity being out to good use.
  • Oversharing. Tweeting/Facebooking when drunk or emotional. Emotional instability expressed online rather than seeking help.
  • The people’s court. Opinion polls on everything from fashion choices to political views.
  • Self-absorption has become completey accepted and normalised. People are too in their heads. Leads to lack of support from others. And preoccupation with self. Mental health is greatly affected.
  • Charitable acts only as means of showing off.
  • Online bullying/aggression. Opinions being expressed and compared instead of “live and let live” mentality. No room for human error, difference in opinion.
  • All pictures are online. People don’t keep their own pictures anymore. Memories seem less precious. Most pictures are overly posed.
  • Little sentimental value
  • Feeling the need to prove things
  • Constant distractions
  • Social stress, need to please. Need to be in constant contact.




A while back, probably over a year ago, I wrote a poem called ‘Soul’ which laments simpler times before the use of social media really blew up.

This is the link to the video if anyone is interested

As with all poems, you may interpret however you wish. I see it as a reflection on what modern western culture has become and how social media has changed how we view ourselves and others. I know that since my departure from the bulk of social media I have felt isolated in some ways. And almost as if people are only equal to their likes or their online presence. Most people I know, thankfully don’t think like this, but some do, and I find that scary. I don’t miss the attention, (not that I was drowning in it or anything. Not even a little bit. I’m just easily overwhelmed and need breaks from this whole constant connectivity thing), but I do sometimes miss the sense of connection and being able to access people, or use social platforms in a positive way. It’s hard to try to spread a message , and be invisible at the same time, or distance myself from the things that don’t fit me. But I guess this is my way of trying to do that, in a way that allows me space and lets me absorb the positivity around me and all the beautiful things the world has to offer. Anyways, click the link if you wish.


Try stay true to yourself and speak the truth whenever you can. Fuck image and reputation and whatever bullshit the kids are pushing as trends these days. All my love. Sparkle sparkle ✨✨✨

Ps. I’m sorry that this piece is quite bland. I’m not one of those amazing spoken-word or slam-poetry artists. That whole “I am tiger, hear me roar” thing is cool, but it’s just not me. I’m not the best at emoting, but I hope the message still gets across. I’m rather emotionally flaccid. Yes, not placid, FLACCID. The emotional equivalent of a limp sexual organ. Limp and lifeless. Well, hopefully not lifeless, but maybe a bit limp compared to what you might be used to. Or soothing and gentle if you’re an optimist XX