Obsession and Addiction…

We’ve tricked our minds into believing

Love and happiness

are fiction

And filled the empty spaces

With obsession and addiction

*above is a small extract from some of the new poetry I’ve been writing. I usually keep this on a separate page  (beautifulnightmaresimpossibledreams.wordpress.com) but there’s no harm in mixing things up a bit.

picture also by me. VERY ROUGH version of what I’m trying to achieve. Hopefully when I get actual photoshop and learn how to do things properly when I start my course is January, I can make better cleaner edits. Cannot wait to see the progress. And with every step I take and fear I face towards a better future, I know that I am not alone. And I would love to hear other people’s stories and see their journeys. Other people are the biggest source of inspiration and encouragement you will find and it’s what truly gives me faith. I’m only at the start of my journey and still have no idea what I’m doing. WINGING IT. So any suggestions/feedback/discourse would be greatly appreciated. ⭐⭐⭐